Unique...’There is no other word that better describes Museum Hotel. Situated in a very special geographic region in Cappadocia, Museum Hotel has been designed and created from a distinctive combination of the land and historical features and ruins, some intact and some beautifully restored to their original glory. The hotel features 30 rooms & suites-each of them exceptional in their own inimitable way. No room can be alike, with each bringing its own special ambiance, contributing to Museum Hotel’s evident character and charm. Museum Hotel has grown in stature and reputation, exceeding all our expectations, thanks to our dedication to providing our guests with unique experiences. A boutique hotel with only 30 rooms, we boast 55 specially trained staff who cater to our guests’ every need to ensure their stay is a truly unique experience. Thanks to Museum Hotel’s unique location, we enjoy an unrivalled panoramic view of the major districts of the region: Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mt. Erciyes can all be seen and enjoyed from the rooms, the restaurant, the terrace, and the bars.


Museum Hotel, as the result of its perception on quality, it became the owner of Best Hotel Architecture and Best Hotel Restoration and Renewal awards given by International Hotel Awards 2013 which is one of the most prestigious awards of world hotel management sector.


Having a matchless view with its 30 rooms, each different than the other, it is the first concept hotel in the region. It hasted many valuable Turkish and foreign guests since 2002. Reason our gets who visit the region chose us is our high quality service focused consciousness, professional team, attention we pay to details and our effort to keep out guests happy at the highest level. Us being the only representative of Relais & Chateaux, where the most prestigious hotels in the World are included, in Turkey regarding service prove the importance we give to these matters. Special area Museum Hotel is situated consists of thousands of years old tens of caves and stone houses. At the caves included in the Museum Hotel’s body which had gone through a rather meticulous restoration process, just like in the historical Uchisar fortress, it is known that Hittites, Persians and Romans, who were the first Christians lived. Together with the Seljukian period, houses made with yellow stones carved by hand began to be used as residential places. Stone houses in our organization today are being used as the Reception, Rock Kiosk, Eflatun Suite and Restaurant (Lil’s).


Europeans in the past have used the term “Magnificent” for the 10th Ottoman Ruler Sultan Suleyman the Law Maker. In what other word perfection and grandness be summarized so beautifully! Muhteshem Spa Suite is a SPA Suite forming from joining of our Sultan’s Cave Suite and Guvercinlik Cave rooms. Once you reach the room through its special cave tunnel, you start to imagine what you will encounter. Seljukian architecture arch rock bedroom, 2 different bathrooms, special design double Jacuzzi, Sultan’s sofa which is the most majestic spot of Cappadocia, study, Sultan’s special cave wine cellar located on one floor down, massage room and tens of priceless antiques are only few of the details in this special room. While you’re in this room it’s so easy for you to think Cappadocia is another planet different than earth!.. Muhteshem Spa Suite has absolutely a magnificent view. Guvercinlik valley, Ak valley, Kizil valley and Goreme are under your feet and grandiose Erciyes mountain is right in front of you. Besides it being a rather big room, high ceilings and wide windows opening to a magnificent view is great for people who like spacious rooms. It is also decorated with rare and priceless antiques. Each corner is full of details that will surprise you. Are you ready for a merely perfect “living museum” experience in Cappadocia? This place is ideal for you. Lots of emphasis was put on naturalness for you to experience thousands years before. Marks of thousands of years preserved with care and details in the room will entail you into a different world. It’s especially full of fine details honeymoon couples will never forget. Because, romantism is in the soul of “Muhteshem Spa Suite”. You won’t be able to forget what you experienced here.


Museum Hotel’s most luxurious room is the Muhteshem Spa Suite and it hosted World famous names. Wine tasting at its special cellar, massage service, sky window, double bathroom and hookah pleasure are special services of this room


Museum Hotel guests get very privileged services. What would you say to go into a hot pool against a valley view on cold winter days? Or a great massage therapy that will rid you of your tiredness against the valley again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to join cooking lessons with our gourmets for lunch after a special breakfast session and to watch sundown at evening with your cocktail in your hand?


Special flavors our consultant chef Murat Bozok prepares with his own hands meets every day with our valuable guests at Lil’a, Turkey’s only Relais & Chateaux restaurant. Grilled Veal Bird Dish served at Lil’a is one of the most preferred dishes by our guests. Grilled young veal tenderloin marinated with rosemary, sea salt and many more special spices is served with mushroom stew with beet. Many gourmets and leaders of food & beverage industry expressed their praises after tasting this special flavor. Museum Hotel serves red and white wine obtained from its own grapes to its guest.


Dark color, intense Bordeaux, its taste is balanced, aroma permanence is high. It suits well with lamb and beef with spices and sauces, fajitas, red meat grills marinated with spices and mature, sharp cheeses.


Its color is radiant, green gold yellow, taste is balanced and fruit aromas stay on the palette. It suits well with cold starters, grilled and fried fish, pastas with light sauce, salads, cheese selections and pizzas.


Being the only concept hotel of Cappadocia, one of the most special regions in the world, Museum Hotel offers a gastronomy experience its guests will never forget by enriching a rare food culture with unmatched touches of Chef Murat Bozok.


Lil’a, a la carte restaurant of Museum Hotel which has the only Relais & Chateaux hotel title in Turkey, is offering best examples of Turkish cuisine, special flavors of Anatolia which are about to be forgotten, and traditional flavors specific to Cappadocia with an elite cuisine and service concept to its guests. Being undisputedly the restaurant with the best location and view in Cappadocia, Lil’a is offering most special flavor interpretations of Anatolian cuisine and Cappadocia food culture with menus enriched with consultancy of Murat Bozok, one of Turkey’s most important brand chefs, with world famous Relais & Chateaux service quality. Big part of the products used in Museum Hotel’s kitchen is obtained from local farms and agriculturalists. Thus, production of completely natural local products by the locals is supported and unnatural, fabrication market products are not used in Museum Hotel kitchen.