Hosting its gets in a 250 years old caravansary that suits Cappadocia’s texture, Muti draws people who visit the region with its creative tastes.


Muti Restaurant, opened in Cappadocia, leaving people who see it in admiration both with its geographic and historical structure is hosting guests coming from all around the world. At the place striking architecture of Cappadocia dominates completely, guests enjoy Cappadocia’s atmosphere as well as delicious menus. Established by Muhittin Ulku who signed under significant successes in the food & beverage sector, Muti Restaurant is given service at a place suitable to Cappadocia’s spirit and texture. Restaurant, opened in 2012 at a caravansary with 250 years of history, makes a difference in Cappadocia region with its style and high quality. Saying, “Cappadocia is one of the most magnificent places you can see both geographically and historically”, Muhittin Ulku indicates that the biggest impact on opening the restaurant is Cappadocia’s historical beauties and regional flavors. Although there are high quality hotels and tourist potentials in the region, food & beverage sector being weak in the region is another reason for opening of Muti Restaurant. Samples from local flavors are offered to foreign tourists who form 98% of Cappadocia tourism to promote Turkey to them. Local dishes are prepared with creative touches, without disrupting their traditional touches in the kitchen of Muti Restaurant. At the restaurant where Turkish and Ottoman cuisine dominate, certain flavors from other regions like the Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, South Eastern Anatolia are also included. Like stuffed cabbage with European anchovies, tarhana ravioli... Restaurant, where simplicity in decoration reflects on the menu, it conquers the guests not with variety of selections but with creative examples that are out of the ordinary. Regional recipes specific to Cappadocia come to life again with Muti Restaurant’s version. Trying tings not done before, the restaurant draws attention with its unique recipes like stuffed cabbage with European anchovies with olive oil, ravioli with fried cheese where tarhana is used instead of flour, veal cheek cooked with cloves and Jerusalem artichoke with fig and mashed potato next to is. Muti Restaurant is giving service with its winter section, terrace and courtyard totaling to 100 people capacity.