The Ritz Carlton Istanbul continues the rich legacy of its prestigious name. Towering above the new Besiktas stadium, the skyscraper hotel offers stunning views of the Boshporus and old Istanbul.

The monolithic hotel tower soars above the posh Nisantasi neighborhood, the lively Beskitas neighborhood, and historic district of Istanbul. The hotel’s location provides an ideal way station for any traveller. The rooms, though luxurious, need a stylish update, the level of guest satisfaction, and panoramic views quickly overcome any disappointment at the bland appearance of the rooms.

The extraordinary treatment of guests who stay at the Ritz Carlton make it a memorable and special hotel. The hotel offers a completely personalized guest experience; once you walk through the Ritz Carlton doors, the entire staff knows your name and makes you feel as if you have arrived at home. The staff at any Ritz Carlton will remember any guest who stays at a Ritz Carlton branch hotel, anywhere in the world. If you request a copy of the New York Times and a double espresso every morning when you stay at a Ritz Carlton in Paris, you will have a copy of the New York Times and a double espresso when you check in at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul.

The hotel’s spa features couples and singles treatment rooms, and a traditional marble Turkish Hamam, or Turkish bath. The Ritz Carlton also boasts one of the largest indoor pools in Istanbul, elegantly decorated with twinkling pillars, and soft blue hues. Bathrobes and thirsty Turkish towels will warm you after your swim.

At Atelier Real Food guests can expect locally sourced and organic meals, hence the “real foods” title. The Marriott group has taken the extra step and sources the restaurant’s food from their own private gardens and sources. The restaurant features a unique combination of innovative fine dinning and traditional recipes and techniques. After a fresh and satisfying dinner at Atelier, the Bleu Lounge, a terrace lounge, provides a peaceful Bosphorus view. The friendly staff serves signature cocktails and Mediterranean appetizers, alongside live music. Shisha, a traditional Turkish smoking tobacco is available for those who chose to partake.