Shangri La Cooking Part 1 from QualitaTurkey on Vimeo.

Once a cigarette warehouse, the Shangri La Bosphorus snagged a prime location on the Bosphorus coast. While the neo-classical exterior remains, the interior of the Shangri La immediately bestows a Sultan-esque sense of royalty. Soft gold fixtures adorn the walls and ceilings, and spatter soft light on the extensive marble in the lobby. Further, revel in the two most striking pieces of the Shangri La’s interior: the two-story glass chandelier, and a massive mural featuring of peace blossoms from the story Lost Horizons, the story from where the Shangri La draws its name.

            The hotel’s luxury restaurants include the Shang Palace, which features traditional Cantonese cuisine. The chefs at Shang Palace are predominantly Chinese themselves, and the Shangri La spared no expense, importing specialties Cantonese-duck ovens, creating an authentic and delicious dinning experience. The Ist Too, the Shangri La’s main restaurant, features a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with a sprinkling of Turkish influences. Here, from the Ist Too restaurant, Executive Chef Olivier Pistre prepares a delicious squid dish.