Art Center

Hanem Art Center,was established in 1986 as an onyx stoneware workshop. Today,it figures among the best known jewellery of Cappadocia region by its own production as well as its selected collection of various design. The Hanem range which is entirely handmade,includes dazzling pieces that incorporate colorful precious and semi precious stones. Hanem Art Center,with its more than hundred specialists,is the biggest jewellery center in the region. Masters of Hanem atelier,are distinguished by their passion to create most beautiful pieces both in traditional and modern style. The cultural heritage of Anatolia,combined with the perfect handcraft and selected precious metals is the foundation and the on going inspiration of Hanem. Excellence for Hanem means the perfect balance between top quality products and commitment for customer’s full satisfaction. The moments of love,happiness,friendship,grac e,commitment and respect...