How many places on this earth you know that bids its guests farewell with almost hundred percent of them smiling and spellbound. Well one of them is Cappadocia Cave Resorts...This hotel, designed by thinking of every fine detail for people who want to live a different and very special Cappadocia experience, is a captivating place built on the skirts of Uchisar fortress, parallel to a gorgeous valley view. It is the exact meaning of the term “feeling special”. It is the most romantic state of luxury, magnificence, tranquility and comfort. In the mornings, you’ll open your eyes with the glow of pure gold at the terrace of your room lighted with the softest tones of sunlight. It would be right if we say you’ll add years to your life by watching that unmatched natural view of CCR with a cup of coffee. Cappadocia Cave Resorts is an experience that must be lived. You have many alternatives after the tours you’ve made like getting rid of your tiredness in different relaxation places like snow room, salt room, adventure shower or by letting yourself relax under the skilled fingers of massage experts or tasting selected flavors of world cuisine at the Padishah restaurant with an extravagant decoration.


This suite called Padishah Suite and is the most luxurious room of the hotel, special butler service is also given beside the services given in all classic rooms. The personnel who are posted for Padishah suite, which is the highest category room, starts personalizing the service to be given as soon as the guest makes the reservation. During their stay, the same personnel will be appointed for all kinds of demands, wishes and questions of the guests, upon their request. Traditional service understanding is preserved with this tailor-made service within the luxurious design of the hotel.


One of the most luxurious rooms of CCR is also the Queen Suite, a chic suit designed with a decoration suited for kings and queens. Guests of the Queen Suit, which is situated parallel to magical view of Cappadocia; a relaxing vacation with pleasure is waiting for your with a round elegant bed to sleep in, a wide and comfortable living room and a hot Jacuzzi.


Doors to your world of imagination are opening...You’ll never remember negativities while the atmosphere enchants you.


Businessman Mustafa Cankaya sees this desolated place from the terrace of one of the hotels in Cappadocia he was hosting his guests at and becomes fascinated with it. By purchasing this place in 1 week he starts his CCR Hotel project. For this story, Mustafa Cankaya says, “I only bought the place, but the real owners of the story are my team”.


At the SPA center which is the world’s first original cave concept SPA center and which received many awards on this field, you will get rid of all your tiredness in original cave massage rooms, will listen to tranquility in its most peaceful form. 2 heated outdoor and indoor pools in the hotel will make your vacation more enjoyable whether its summer or winter. Hamam, while it’s a big pleasure for some, is a big interest for others. During the hamam adventure which starts by wearing waistcloths, you can sweat by laying on the central massage platform and then leave yourself to the sensitive and kind hands of bath attendants for exfoliation and massage... While exfoliated dead skin lets your skin breathe and massage will accelerate your blood circulation and will let your body recover itself. One of the characteristics of Turkish baths is that it’s based on steam bath. Hamams, with the condition to not stay for too long, are the best washing and cleaning places for body cleansing. Having the body, sweated in hamam, washed with a soft cloth or sponge by rubbing will facilitate blood circulation in the body and relaxes the person. Another service belonging to C.C.R is the “Adventure Shower”. Do you like to walk under the rain? If your answer is yes, Adventure Shower is offering this opportunity to you with its special place. In a room where rocks and ivies intertwine, it makes you enjoy taking a shower under warm and cold tropical rains with light and sound plays with the atmosphere of tropical forests and together with thunders. Adventure showers, with their special fragrances makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of a tropical forest. “Salt Room” therapy, first implemented in Europe, in Poland’s Velicko town, is another exclusive service C.C.R. offers to its valuable guests. Therapy in salt room is provided by only breathing along with music.


Hay room therapy is a culture that goes back to old times. The real objective of a hay room, which’s name has been forgotten, is for the person to sweat between 36°C and 38°C to get rid of toxins and to open their bronchia.


This cellar is given wine tasting service to fully 80 people in itself. This cellar, including Turkey’s and World’s exclusive wines and flavors, is a very special place built in a style of carving in a rock. It draws a lot of attention from Turkish and foreign tourists.


The most interesting characteristic of “Padishah” restaurant, I believe, is for Sushi and Clay Pot Kebab to be served from the same kitchen. Within seven years from the day we started until now, we made small changes in our menu based on tastes and preference frequencies of our guests. However, we made no changes on three main dishes since the day of our opening. These main dishes are main flavors that make us special with their cooking method and their presentation. Veal Chops, Celtik Kebab and Pumpkin with Cream... Most preferred Celtik Kebab looks like Erciyes Volcanic Mountain which can also be seen clearly from our hotel and has a big impact of formation of Cappadocia. Celtik Kebab, we frequently recommend to our guests who want to try flavors specific to the region is served with yoghurt and tomato sauce added on top of julienne style sliced and sauteed tenderloin.


Menus offering examples. from World cuisine, examples from Japanese cuisine, traditional Central Anatolian cuisine, French cuisine, theme menus for special days, vegetarian selections, menus that offer alternatives for all kinds of food allergies if advised before, dishes prepared with bio products are served.


t has 50 people closed and 100 people open area capacity and is able to give Top VIP service. It dominates over the views of dawn and sundown, Erciyes Mountain, Cappadocia valley and Uchisar Fortress.


One of C.C.R’s most chic and enjoyable areas, Terrace Café & Bar is giving service at the hotel’s terrace with its unmatched view and spectacular flavors. You’ll get lost in the spell binding atmosphere of the view at night while to taste delicious flavors accompanied by live music.