Ralph Radtke


Çırağan Palace Kempinski is truly a charming property, literally… There are a few very important factors that make us really special. The historical Palace is one to start with. The Çırağan Palace is a legacy of the Ottoman Empire, there are very few hotels who have such a deep history. The other thing is our superb location right by the Bosphorus, and our very spacious gardens, the infinity pool. We are in the heart of the city, very conveniently located but at the same time it is so peaceful. Many celebrities stay here. One of its reasons and of its factors which makes us Çırağan is the security and our respect to the privacy of the guests. Some likes, some does not like; the press always following the celebrities. However, our guests know that when they come to our hotel nothing shall leak to the press from our part no matter what happens. Because, one of the factors which makes us Çırağan is to supply service to our guests at the level of comfort and security of their home. We are a hotel which is the most famous hotel in the world. Therefore, we are the best envoy of Turkish hospitality. Whichever hotels are built in Istanbul, none of them can be the unique hotel in our position.

Sultan Suite

You have every kind of luxury that can come to your mind. “You are the sultan”… One of the biggest suites of Europe “Sultan Suite” has all of the technological opportunities and facilities. All of your needs will be met by your personal Butler who will serve you for 24 hours. A luxurious bedroom enriched with gold-plated details, a second bedroom to host your guests, bath with a giant window overlooking the Bosphorus and hamam… Everything is at your disposal. Also the Soap service which is a dynasty tradition is a detail that will draw your attention very much.

Turkish Hamam & Spa

Get away to an Istanbul spa, where the ancient water therapies of the Turkish hamam promote an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. Çırağan Palace Kempinski Spa, managed by Sanitas, features luxury spa services, packages and wellness programs including signature treatments and facial and body therapies. Amenities such as a Fitness Centre, an indoor pool, a sauna and a whirlpool are complemented by a heated outdoor infinity pool.


"Testi Lamb Casserole” of the Tuğra Restaurant. This very popular dish is an authentic recipe from the Ottoman Empire. It has a unique presentation and a special cooking and serving technique “It has been one of our most popular dishes since Tuğra Restaurant’s opening,” said Food & Beverage Director Steffen Opitz.

Luxury Services

Brand New Soap Service to Palace Guests Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul, the only Ottoman Imperial Palace and Hotel on the Bosphorus, brings back an old tradition that draws on a heritage dating back to the ancient water therapies of the Turkish Hamam.