Hand made carpet in Cappadocia

As one of the most important commercial center of the ancient Silk Road, Cappadocia still keeps its reputation even today. Moreover, Cappadocia stands to be the most authentic area where the traditional handmade carpets exhibited in the cultural tours axis. Due to agricultural inappropriations of the area and as a high plateau Cappadocia has been hosting various nomadic tribes who deals with livestock and are competent in processing the yarn, the oldest material used in handmade carpets. In central Anatolia, even today, most inhabitants nearby still weave carpets for both traditional and commercial purposes as home industry. Hadosan Carpet Company has been serving in the market since 1961 with its finest selection of rugs collected directly from the weavers in sale or return system which keeps the prices remarkably reasonable for the purchasers by extracting the commissioners out. The average stock of 20.000 pieces that every single one is registered for their authenticity by museum experts provides our customers to make a right choice for their personal taste. Hadosan Carpet Company provides door to door delivery service for its worldwide customers. Paying the utmost attention to the customer satisfaction, Hadosan employs enough number of sales people fluent in several languages that helps the customers to make fast and right choices.