Located on the picturesque Bosporus coast, the Hotel Les Ottomans stands alone as one of Istanbul’s most unique and intimate luxury accommodations. Once inside, guests will revel in an array of Ottoman inspired tidings. Many of the hotels in Istanbul draw some inspiration from Istanbul’s Ottoman predecessors, but none quite capture the spirit like the Hotel Less Ottoman. The deep velvet, red carpets and gold light fixtures of the lobby immediately create a sense of Sultan royalty.


This non-traditional hotel rejects the typical check in station and instead offers a team of concierges and only one desk. Once through the door, the staff graciously whisks guests to their rooms. Instead of the busy stereotypical entrance and waiting area, Les Ottoman offers their guests a quiet lounge, with a small boutique and seaside terrace.


Once in the rooms, guests will relish in the magnificent the design of the Les Ottoman. The hotel, formerly the Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion, stood as one of the most luxurious buildings of 18th century Istanbul. After a few stints as an industrial building, the current owners renovated the hotel in the 1980s. The designers of the Hotel have recreated the old luxury of the original Ottoman mansion. The baroque-style architecture still lingers, and adorns the walls with beautiful intricacy, while historic, antique furnishing fill out the spacious rooms.


The Hotel Les Ottoman only features ten rooms, which ensures that every guest will has a personalized experience during their stay. The designers paid meticulous attention to detail in their reconstruction of the historic mansion. The spacious rooms showcase this Ottoman design, mixed with Feng Shui design practices.


In the Hurrem Sultan suite, charred, dark wood floors create the perfect backdrop for the extravagant reds and gold of the rugs, and the decadent Ottoman artwork. Historic wood dressers, nightstands, and tables fill out the rooms. Meanwhile, soft tan hues on the walls and curtains frame the deep blues of the panoramic Bosphorus view. The living area features an eight-person dinning table, and Ottoman-inspired low, cushioned couches. The bathroom features hand-made, authentic Iznic Tiles, Turkish white marble, and a Jacuzzi tub. The bathrooms are built to resemble the famed Turkish baths, with their cobalt blues and white marble.


Of the Les Ottoman’s ten, no two rooms are the same. There are six duplexes of the ten, and they all feature a different array for furniture, design, and Ottoman-style art from local and international artists.


Back downstairs, guests will dine on delectable Ottoman cuisine, from succulent lamb dishes to sweet, pistachio-crusted deserts, at the Park Samdan Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant features a small garden and seaside terrace, perfect for relaxing next to the tranquil waters with a meal or cup of tea.