Ahu Aysal Kerimoglu


I strongly believe that we will be able to seize “Peace of Mind”, the foremost treasure of our life, whenever we can answer the questions that we ask ourselves sincerely and genuinely. Only then will our truth set out on its own track. And each stopover on this track will take us closer to our longed-for target. I decided to commit myself to the art of hotel management when I realized that “Sharing” was the one thing that I truly wanted and that satisfied me the most. After spending years in the art of hotel management now I am using every drop of my neverending energy to share the exceptional beauties that I have gathered in the “ Les Ottomans Hotel ”. In 1790s “Les Ottomans Hotel” used to be the seaside mansion of a reputable “Hattat” known by the name Muhsinzade. Unfortunately, the mansion had to remain as a ruin after it was burned down in 1933. Recently, it has been rebuilt according to its original outlook.When I started the interior design of “Les Ottomans” I look into consideration how Muhsinzade would want his mansion to look at the present time if he had he the opportunity to take a journey in time. With my warmest wishes to share all the beauties, love, tranquility and dreams here at the “Les Ottomans”a Feng Shui concept hotel. While we move ahead in the journey of life, not knowing when and at which station we will stop, I hope that we all can enjoy what we have learned from the pleasant as well as unpleasant incidents during this journey.


Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion was one of the most prestigious mansions of its time. The premises were built over an area of 4527 square meters on the ruins dating from the era of Ahmed III. It also has an elegant fountain and a garden complex, which are deemed one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman garden and water architecture. The proprietors lived in the mansion between 1790 and 1929 before leaving gradually. The premises were then rented out to a merchant to be used as a coal warehouse. The area was then used for sand storage in 1935. In 1980s, 22 heirs of the family came together to sell the premises to an entrepreneur engaged in tourism. Following a long and sad hiatus in its history, the Mansion was resuscitated by the members of the Aysal family under the auspices of Unit Group, renovated according to the refined taste of its mistress and turned into one of the most luxurious and privileged hotels of Turkey. The exterior of the mansion was renovated according to its original structure whereas the interiors were renovated with an allusion to its historical journey which blend into the love and eternal beauty constantly hankered after by man.


Hotel Les Ottomans was decorated according to the Feng Shui philosophy. An ancient aesthetic system with a history of 3500 years, Feng Shui believes in the use of Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) laws to develop “go” (positive life energy) for the improvement of the self. In the traditional Chinese culture, gi (also known as chi or ch’i) is an effective component of any living being. Qi’s exact equivalent are air, breath or gas. Feng Shui means ‘wind’ and ‘water’ literally. In its current practices, the purpose of Feng Shui is to place space created by humans into those that contain ‘go’. “Perfect Spot” is an axis in space or time which refers to Feng Shui’s purpose as location. Hotel Les Ottomans has brought this purpose to a higher level thanks to its location across the Bosphorus. Hotel Les Ottomans is also one of the few certified Feng Shui Hotel luxury boutique hotels.

Hurrem Sultan Suite

This stupendous suite is named after Sultan Hurrem, the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent. Sultan Hurrem is the only woman in Ottoman history to be officially wed to an Ottoman Sultan through a ceremony... Hürrem Sultan suite has already built a well-deserved reputation and turned out to be the favorite choice of celebrities visiting Istanbul.

Safiye Sultan Suite

This beautiful suite is named after the wife of Murat III, Sultan Safiye, who is known to be among the most attractive women of Ottoman history... “The most romantic suite of Les Ottomans, Safiye Sultan is an ideal getaway for honeymoon couples, offering special advantages for accommodation”.

Park Şamdan & The Bar

ParkŞamdan & The Bar, which kicked off in Summer 2014, serves guests while leveraging the experience of the classic ParkŞamdan Restaurant with 33-years of past, and Ersoy Çetin and Emre Ergani who have welcome their clientele over the years under their famous brand of restaurants.

Caudalie Vinotherapie

Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa opened its doors in Hotel Les Ottomans. Here you can experience a glimpse of paradise: the unique scents of precious oils, relaxing music and the art of massage to immerse you in an exceptional moment. For you, we offer an array of intoxicating body treatments unique to the world: the famous Barrel Bath and the Crushed Cabernet Scrub, the unmatched cult favorite exfoliating treatment based on grape-seeds. The Pulp Friction Sculpting Treatment, made with fresh grapes, moisturizing and remineralizing. Additionally, you may enjoy traditional massages and body treatments from all corners of the globe including European, Far Eastern and Turkish Hammam treatments.

Swiss Fondue Restaurant

Situated in the garden of Hotel Les Ottomans, a rare world-class boutique hotel that overlooks the most attractive view of Istanbul, our restaurant offers an exclusive experience to our guests.