Matis is known as one of the most important rugmer chants of Turkey, dealing with qualities like pure wool, wool on cottonand püre silk. Pure wool carpets are mostly made by nomads having very typical primitive tribal designs, where as wool on cotton rugs are made by more talented weavers who can work with more inttrica te designs. The most valuable and precious ones are the pure silk carpets made by very special weavers really trained well to be able to maket he finest carpets of the World. Matis Collection of handmade rugs and carpets is definitely a must see as well as the handmade jewellery.

Jewel & Carpet

Matis has begun as a work shop in the jewellery sector in 1975 and join into the rug sector in 2000. Now it serves worldwide to guests with 3 domestic and 12 overseas shops. Matis is a multilingual and professionally trained staff take care of our client’s needs with large collection of handicraft as jewelry, rugs, ceramics and leather, based on our stock.