Park Fora is the address where fish turn into many artifacts rather than just a meal. It is the home of tastes that you cannot forget until the end of your life. It is the form of luxury, grace and nature in a plate.

Fish Market

The name of fish in Istanbul gathers sea products on counters in their season. Fish counters of Park Fora share all of the fertility of Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea with its guests generously. Its menu, which is not lacking in surprising tastes and changes, presents rich starters from salads prepared with sea products to hot and cold snacks consisting of fish and sea products. Seasoned fish are presented in different ways in the main course.

Taste Journey

It takes its guests to a taste journey in the blue of the sea with its rich menu consisting of a wide range of meals from classical tastes to world cuisines. While it takes you to Valencia with its “Paella”, you will take a journey with French marines with “Moule Mariniere” known as the marine meal. When you taste the version of button octopus fried with wine you will feel like going to Greek islands and when the fish in milk comes to the table you will feel the sweet breeze of Kordon in İzmir. Your journey is to the Northern Aegean, to Cunda and Babakale when you have the calamari. Then you will remember again that you are just by the Bosphorus with the Tunny, Loufer and Turbot on your table. The presents of the Bosphorus to Istanbul, Lakerda and Tarama (mashed fish roe) are presented in Park Fora with their never changed taste for a thousand year.

Luxury Services

Oysters that are given to flavor for 4 years after taken out of the sea are called “Fine De Claire”. And Park Fora is presenting the freshest and the most delicious Fine De Claire oysters brought from the most special points of the world in special pools that it established.