Gözde Eren


Being ‘Park Hyatt Istanbul Macka Palace’ we are serving the privilege of luxury and comfort at the same time in one of the decent district of İstanbul, Nişantaşı. Mack Palace famed as being one of the most beautiful structures in the town which was built ın 1922 by a famous architect Gulio Mongeri with the inspiration of Milan’s famous palazzos builtas a residence for Italian embassy. My love to this building was so long continued in my childhood years during our shopping days with my grandma. It makes me happy to see the building that I saw from outside had opened its doors to public in 2008 and now invites people inside. As an International Hyatt chain luxury brand ‘Park Hyatts known with their special locations, exceptional structures and extraordinary sophisticated services without too much vanity. As its location Park Hyatt İstanbul- Macka Palace is a good example for the global brand in both being in the center of shopping and living and also with it’s characteristic architectural and Turkish hospitality. Designed by a Newark designer named GVK our hotel has 25 spa rooms and 10 suit rooms among 90 comfortable rooms and also have 2010 Best Design Reward at Newark. Refer to 25 spa rooms we give our guests the luxury of privately owned steam room and miniature Turkish bath . We can also give the private body care and turkish bath care in their luxurious rooms. As we are a brand holding the Private Luxury motto, we observe our guests private choices carefully and prepare the most favorable and out of the box touches before we host them. Likewise; We prepared an elegant and interesting courtesy referred to their Chinese Newyeareve named as ‘Polard Year’ for our guests came from Far East. In addition without any notification we make a special softness degree action to our guests couch as we know he has a problem in his waist. This and that kind of special touches are the touches that make our day challenging, that indulges our job , move us away from monotony and also close us up to different cultures and people.

Food & Beverage

As the food and beverage department we pay close attention to refresh our menus with seasonal and fresh foods that are gathered through local suppliers to maintain the crispness and tastiness. As our brand motto suggests‘Luxury is personal’ and therefore, we always take the personal choices of our guests as a priority and customize the meals and drinks we serve according to our guests wants and needs. As an example, in regards to our quests’ nutritional choices our most preferred meals are Jumbo shrimp covered with sweet pastry and avocado shrimp salad In addition apple martini is our best seller cocktail.

Shoppıng & Spa

Our Spa and Fitness area are 7/24 service. We suggest ‘The Spa Signature ‘message to our quests in our Spa Center. In our Park Spa Room concept for our quests, who are coming from abroad and want to have an authentic İstanbul experience, we are serving ground heating system , steam room and Turkish Bath concept in their own room witn comfort.