Pınar Kartal Timer


Welcome to Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah “Pearl of İstanbul”, celebrating it’s 123rd year. I am pleased to share with you that, after being listed among the “10 Best Iconic Hotels of the World”, Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, crowned lately as the “World’s Best Luxury Hictorical Hotel”. It will be a pleasure for me and my team, to make you feel comfortable and assist you in any information you may need about our historical hotel. We hope you will enjoy your time in Istanbul. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and wish you the most enjoyable stay, in the “Grand Dame” of İstanbul. Yours sincerely, Pınar Kartal Timer.

Agatha Christie Room

Fans of the renowned murder mystery writer, Agatha Christie are able to stay in her favourite Pera Palace room, Grand Pera Studio Room. Christie was a regular guest between 1926 and 1932 and according to popular belief, the “Murder On the Orient Express” was written in this room. Room 411 is decorated in deep burgundy and black reflecting the darkness and intrigue of her novels. Mysteries surrounding Christie’s lost diary are pinned on the discovery of a small key in this room. Enthusiasts here will be able to immerse themselves in an extensive collection of Agatha Christie novels, available in many different languages, whilst relaxing in the elegant surroundings of the Pera Palace. Having scoured through auctions for unique editions with exquisite illustrations from the 1970’s, the Pera Palace team is delighted to make multiple antique hardbacks available for its guests.

Senıor Suıte

The hotel enjoys a “museum-hotel” status following the 1981 conversion of Room 101 into the Atatürk Museum in an homage to the founder of modern Turkey. It showcases many of his personal possessions.

Agatha Restaurant

Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah has always been well known for its impressive restaurants, bar and patisserie. With a rich history of unforgettable balls and elegant afternoon teas, the hotel has built on its gastronomic legacy by bringing the finest cuisine and an impeccable service to the present day. Agatha Restaurant; named after murder mystery writer Agatha Christie, it pays tribute to the three major destinations of the former Orient Express - Paris, Venice and Istanbul offering contemporary Turkish cuisine

Pera Spa

The 380 sqm Pera SPA by Spa Soul has a Hammam, a traditional Turkish bath whose roots go back to the Roman Empire. With its classic heated marble platform and foam bath, the traditional Turkish bath takes its visitors back to the bygone, slower paced days of Istanbul. Guests are invited to rejuvenate in the soothing atmosphere while enjoying one of the spa’s signature treatments. Guests can enjoy the steam bath, jacuzzi, sauna and a fully equipped gym. The indoor jetstreamed swimming pool offers guests the healing power of water both in summer and winter.