Hosting its gets in a 250 years old caravansary that suits Cappadocia’s texture, Muti draws people who visit the region with its creative tastes.


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Sortie Istanbul

We could not observe passionate reunion of europe and asia passively . we created Sortie for the people of Istanbul to be a witness to that Reunion. By the time we opened our doors at Kuruçeşme where all of the beauties of bosphorous come round to track again we are going on our business for o serve you good food, music and entertainment long for 4 seasons.

Club Reina Turkey

Reina Club; Having joined the Istanbul night life on 17 January 2002, Club Reina became one of the most popular entertainment venues not only in Istanbul but across the world by making a huge achievement. Having incorporated the most successful restaurant brands, Reina maintained its claim in the entertainment also in foods and it hosts its local and international guests in the best way with its restaurant and night club concept.

Sunset Grill & Bar

Became one of the most outstanding places of Istanbul with the unquestionable attraction of the splendid combination of nature and the Bosphorus SUNSET GRILL&BAR have been the centre of attention of both Turkish and foreign guests for 18 years.

Park Fora

Park Fora is the address where fish turn into many artifacts rather than just a meal. It is the home of tastes that you cannot forget until the end of your life. It is the form of luxury, grace and nature in a plate.