The Grand Tarabya Part 2 from QualitaTurkey on Vimeo.

The site of many famous, historic, Turkish movies The Grand Tarabya holds a certain nostalgia in Istanbul’s collective memory. The famed ‘city resort’ offers a secluded escape form the chaos of the Istanbul streets, with its unmatched spa experience.

The Grand Tarabya Brasserie offers world class international cuisine, with influences from the Tarabya’s past. For example, the French Onion Soup harks back to an old recipe, from the original Grand Tarabya. Here we have magnificent beef tenderloin served with three different sauces and assorted sauted vegetables.



Beef Tenderlion

Fresh Ground Pepper

Chopped Onions

Fresh Thyme

Porchini Mushrooms

Hasselback Baby Potatoes

Baby Silver Onions

White Wine

Double Cream

Beef Stock




Baby Carrots



Begin be seasoning the meat with Salt and Pepper, sprinkle generously with Salt and Pepper. Stuff some Thyme and Rosemary between the rope and meat (if such a rope exists, depening on the cut and the butcher). Poke a hole in the meat and spin the knife around, push a garlic clover as deep into the hole as possible. Heat a pan with olive oil, be sure it gets hot before adding the meat. Add the meat to the hot pan, searing the outside. Add some clover of garlic to the olive oil. Continue rotating and cooking the meat. Add a bit of butter to the olive oil at the end to give a bit of color. Remove the meat from the pan once the outsides are seared, and broil in the oven at 200 degree celcius (time will vary by size and cut of meat).

With the same pan, add chopped onions, and white wine. Allow the white wine to glaze the Onions and add double cream. Allow to cook on medium - low heat. Add Beef Stock, Butter, and Thyme. Mix and set aside. 

Blanche the vegetables, one by one. Add the Broccoli, Carrots, Asaparagus, Turnips, and Potatoes to boiling water, one at a time, only for 2 - 3 minutes. Then, remove and set in ice water. Set the Potatoes aside, and sprinkle with Salt and Olive Oil. 

Put the Silver Onions in a hot pan and begin to caramelize in Olive Oil. Once caramelized, add the Porcini Mushrooms to the pan and saute with Salt and Pepper. Remove the vegetable from the ice water and briefly saute them in a different pan with Olive Oil. 

Once the vegetable and meat have finished cooking, plate them. Serve with the Beef Stock sauce, or a Benaisse Sauce.